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My Self-Care Guide to Surviving #Snowbama


My Self-Care Guide to Surviving #Snowbama

Tamesha Derico

If your skin is dry but there's no one there to see it, are you still ashy? 

Yes, yes you are. 

Nashville 2015 snowstorm Snowbama

Due to the icy winter weather and treacherous road conditions in Nashville, caused by a storm dubbed #Snowbama, I've been working from home for the past couple days. And for an introvert prone to excessive introspection, working from home can get weird very quickly. It is easy to sink into a bout of mini-despair while sitting braless in your pajamas, eating a hot pocket and watching documentaries about North Korea. 

In an effort to save you from making my mistakes, here is my survival guide for keeping a healthy mind and body while stuck at home during an ice storm: 

DON'T watch dreary Netflix programming. 

It's really hard to maintain a positive mood in dreary weather when you've got a constant stream of documentaries about hoarders, dictatorial regimes, and genetically modified food going in the background. These are all important topics, of course, but watch them when you're not stuck in your home in bad weather.

Proper #Snowbama TV programming includes quirky comedies and uplifting TV documentaries about underrated 80s R&B groups. I recommend Silver Linings Playbook, Parks & Rec, and the Full Force episode of Unsung.

DO wear lotion.

The best part of working from home is that pajamas > business casual. However, some things are not optional, and lotion is one of them. Don't get lazy with your skin care routine because even though you're indoors for a while, winter is rough on the skin and this is a good time for some rejuvenation, not making it worse.

DON'T eat crappy food.

Resist the urge to revert to college habits of slugging it out on the couch and eating a bag of Tostitos in one sitting. I did make a banana nut bread for comfort food, but I'm also enjoying lots of water, fruit and veggies. 

Snowbama Nashville ice storm

I hope this list helps someone out there struggling to maintain normalcy during Southern snow days. Do you have any do's and don't's to add to the list?

If you're returning to work today, stay safe, warm, and moisturized!